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Our Mission:

> To let you discover opportunities to invest in France’s historical heritage

> To help you outline the architecture of your own project, the one that best reflects your personality and desires

> To provide you with the key elements of  a successful investment

> To create value and add a unique historic property to your personal legacy




In your mind, a historic property in France might be a castle, a palace, a manor, or an abbey.

All of these are wonderful, but hardly affordable for most people, either in terms of acquisition or maintenance costs. But did you know that you can indeed acquire a small part of France’s magnificent heritage at a reasonable price?

The purpose of Invest H is to provide private investors with realistic advice in looking at historic investments in France. It is also to accompany them and work side by side, from the choice of a renovation program to the delivery of a totally refurbished property that meets extremely demanding architectural guidelines.








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